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COVID Tracing

Keep COVID-19 out of your business with a health assessment or contact tracing QR code form.

Visitors will complete a contact tracing and health self-assessment QR code form at your establishment entries to help prevent Coronavirus spread.

This free solution has been built based on the guidelines of the World Health Organization and intends to respect the Data Collection and Privacy guidelines.

1. Visitors safety – Visitors will feel safe to enjoy at your venue, knowing that there's a quick self check-in at the door of your COVID- 19 FREE ZONE.

2. Healthcare – If one of your visitors or employees is infected, you will be able to quickly facilitate contact tracing to health professionals and help stop the spread.

3. Business owners – Display the COVID- 19 FREE ZONE QR code to show your visitors and employees you care about them. A health QR code form at the entrance will create a safer environment.

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